Retro is King at MOSI Manchester

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The resurgence of retro gaming culture is clear to see but it was never more evident than the recent "Power Up" event at the Museum of Science & Industry (MOSI) in Manchester this August.
With banks and banks of gaming prowess from the last 40 years; gamers of all ages and walks of life descended to partake in their favourite activities - exciting games, rekindled youth, family fun and 'beat the a***' off an opponent you never met.
With a full range of gaming experiences on offer; from Dell PC's with desktop classics through to original Sonic, Mario on multiple Nintendo platforms, Halo, racing games of every variety, puzzles and more; this was something that the young and old could experience in the same measure.
The room was full with a mix of young gamers who's first experience of these platforms came that day and was new and special, through to the old occasional gamers (like our web support - Baz) who just got excited when he saw the consoles and games he used to own, to the hard-core gamers who live for this sort of event.
There were some hard gamers exercising gaming thumbs; but they were eclipsed by what was a huge number of newbies and regress lovers (25 - 50) remembering the days of gaming. So the room was just full of excitement and experiences: Old and new!
So with retro gaming on the rise, if you are wanting your own retro revival; you need look no further than Manchester and the Gaming Outlet.
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