Tech Retro Revival: The Rise Of The Old Guard

Posted by Sean Mactaggart on

Any colour can be the new black, but retro is definitely the new - NEW!

The resurgence of retro, in the UK in particular has seen a surge in popularity for the 'Old School'.

From lamps and sofas to full blown makeovers and renovations; the old is the new and the modern makes way for nostalgia.

And it is this love of looking back as well as the underlying need for simpler addictive gaming that has seen such a massive change in taste and a resurgence in 80's, 90's and early noughties gaming.

With modern gaming demanding an almost military dedication, the latest expensive tech and a bottomless pocket for new games and online interaction; it is no surprise that the need for a more accessible alternative has resulted in gamers, both young and old, taking to the retro gaming culture of Sega Mega Drive, SNES, Atari and the like.

The idea of modern gaming is that you are absorbed in some kind of 'uber' environment that accentuates reality. But for many the idea of accentuated reality is more tiring than reality itself.

For years gaming offered escapism. A way of taking time out from a day at school or work. This need for gaming enjoyment is driving the increasing retro gaming culture and the unquenchable thirst for simple, quality games.

So now we see the relaunch in popularity of the Mega Drive, SNES, N64, Master System, Atari and many more. But the concept of gaming has, for many, evolved beyond intrusive, hard gaming and instead calls on the simpler, group friendly gaming of old. A time when you and your mates could simply grab a controller and blast, fight, dodge, sonic spin, race, eat mushrooms and ride a tortoise together.

The idea of a gaming utopia lives long and prospers in the retro, and the ever growing following shows that looking back, particularly in the gaming world, is a gateway to fun and adventure but without the need for a large wallet and too much time.

It is for this very reason that Gaming Outlet looks to fill the void of gaming fun by providing the very best of retro tech at a price that will give you enough in your pocket to enjoy endless gaming.

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