USB C Nintendo Switch / Lite 3M Charging Cable

  • £3.99

Nintendo Switch / Lite USB Cable

This Nintendo Switch cable is designed to connect your Switch and other Type-C equipped hardware so you can conveniently charge your Switch console on the go from any USB port or mains USB plug adapter or even a high powered powerbank as well as charge your Switch with your phone charger adapter (Always check your compatibility to avoid damaging your switch console). 

Nintendo Switch USB charger cable supports fast charging up to 600 MB/s
Reversable connection so impossible to put in upside down
Flexible and durable plastic & metal design
Cable Length: 3M
Compatible with Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite
Connection: USB to USB Type C (3.1) (charge & DATA)

Please note, a USB C cable with a standard wall adapter or USB port won't be able to power the original Switch dock which requires a 15V power supply.

Package Contents:
1x 3M Nintendo Switch cable (USB charging cable)

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