Xbox 360 and Xbox One Power Cable - Replacement Lead

  • £4.99

This Xbox One power cable is the perfect replacement lead if your xbox plug has given up but your power pack is still going. 
The official Xbox lead only had 2 pins, this 3 Pin C13 plug is a perfect fit for your Xbox One or 360 with the 3rd earth pin redundant when not in use in these console but this allows you to use this cable on other 5A equipment like PC monitors.

1.8m long strong/flexible cable
RoHS Compliant moulded UK plug with integral fuse
Perfect for Xbox one, Xbox 360, 360 Slim & 360E
Not compatible with Classic 1st generation Xbox Consoles

Connection: UK plug to standard C13 kettle lead
Cable: Manufactured from 0.75mm² approved 2-core cable
Plug: UK fuse rated 5A @240V AC.

Package Contents:
1 x C13 kettle lead UK plug for Xbox One (3rd party cable not an official Microsoft product)
*Power pack not included and is required

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