32gb Card & Memory Stick Pro Duo Adapter for Sony PSP Console

  • £7.99

Increase the potential of your Sony PSP console have loads of room for game saves to keep your progress safe as well as still leaving a bit of space for funky music and videos too. 

Class 10
UHS-I speeds of 80MB/s read and 10MB/s write
This durable card has been tested to be waterproof,temperature proof, shock/vibration proof and X-ray proof. So your games files will be protected in harsh environments.
Compatible with Sony PSP models: 1003, 2003, 3003 & E1003 (street)

Type: microSDHC card
Performance: 80MB/s read, Class 10, UHS-I: 10MB/s minimum data transfer
Operating Temperature: -25c to 85c
Storage Temperature: -40c to 85c
Voltage: 3.3V

Package contents:
1 x 32b Micro SD Card (not an official Sony product)
1 x Micro SD to MS Pro Duo adapter

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