Switchable 3 RCA Phono to Scart Adapter Block for Retro Consoles

  • £2.99

Switchable Scart Adapter

This 3 RCA phono to scart adapter block can be used to connect your games console to any scart ready TV using standard composite AV cables. Works great with Megadrive, N64/SNES/Gamecube/Wii, PS1/PS2/PS3 and is compatible with most other consoles.
Featuring yellow, red & white phono inputs, compact & durable housing and a standard scart output it's easy to get your devices connected by matching up the colours. Converts composite AV to scart and vice versa.

Standard Adapter Specification:
Male scart
SCART adapter with L/R audio female RCA ports & composite video female port
input/output switch giving you control over signal direction
Gold connectors for a higher quality finish & anti-corrosion

Package contents:
1 x 3 phono to scart adapter block

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