1.8M Micro USB Cable - Xbox One Controller Charger

  • £1.59

1.8M Xbox One & PS4 Charging Cable

Xbox One charging cable with high grade copper for faster charger, in a flexible shielded jacket built to endure twists, bends and heavy use. This Xbox One USB cable is perfect for keeping your wireless controller charged and ready for action. With simple plug and play functionality just plug the micro end into your Xbox One controller USB port and the other into you console or adapter plug.

Micro USB charger cable for Xbox One controllers
High quality shielded cable
High Grade Copper for faster controller charging
Compatible: Xbox One / Xbox One S charger cable & PS4 controllers

1.8m in length
1 x Male 'A' Plug to 1x Male Micro B Plug

Package contents:
1 x 1.8m USB Xbox One charging cable

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