4K PS4 Pro HDMI Cable - Premium Low Profile 1.4 Cable

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Flat 4K HDMI Cable

Grab our best PS4 Pro HDMI cable now because the world's most powerful games console deserves a powerful cable. With gold connections delivering superb quality premium 4K high definition graphics and audio for the ultimate gaming experience. While the flat braided cable design reduces wire tangle and is perfect for tight or confined spaces, making this 3D TV HDMI cable ideal for long runs and is easily hidden under carpets or in the wall.

4K Resolution Support, UHD & 3D Capable
Braided low profile PS4 Pro HDMI cable designed for strength and less tangling
Gold plated connectors

Compatible with:
Playstation: PS3 / Playstation 4, PS4 Pro
Microsoft: Xbox 360 / Xbox One
most HDMI devices including SKY HD, Apple TV & Amazon Fire TV

HDMI 1.4 is for use with all current HDMI equipment and is fully backwards compatible. Updating to the 1.4 version ensures you are future proofed and ready for the next generation of devices that support 3D TV signals. The Braided cable is durable and especially ideal for installs in cavity walls. HDMI 1.4 increases the maximum resolution to 4K x 2K (3840x2160p at 24Hz/25Hz/30Hz and 4096x2160p at 24Hz. 2m flat Cable (1.2cm width) with moulded HDMI plug to plug leads and braided Low Loss Copper Cable . Cables completed with gold plated connectors.

Package contents:
1 x 4K PS4 Pro HDMI Cable

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