4K UHD HDMI Cable - 2M Braided Cable with LED

  • £4.79

Light up LED HDMI Cable

Stylish LED lit connectors with nylon outer cable braid bring a little light and colour to your gaming set up. Easily identify your connected hardware by using colour coordinated LED HD cables. UHD 4K support lets you take advantage of the full gaming power from your Xbox One or PS4 consoles. 

4K Resolution Support & 3D Capable
Braided HDMI cable designed for strength and less tangling
Gold plated connectors 
Dolby TrueHD / DTS-HD Master Audio bitstream capable
ARC (Audtio return channel) compatible
30AWG high grade copper conductors for faster signal transfer
2 video streams (Dual View)

Compatible with:
Playstation: PS3 / PS4, PS4 Pro
Microsoft: Xbox 360 / Xbox One
most HDMI devices including SKY HD, Apple TV & Amazon Fire TV

Package contents:
1 x 4K UHD HDMI Cable - 2M Braided Cable with LED

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