8Bitdo SF30 2.4G SNES Classic Mini Wireless Controller

  • £17.99
  • Save £2

SNES 8Bitdo Controller

Play your SNES Classic Mini console wirelessly with 8Bitdo’s new 2.4G SF30 wirelesss controller & receiver. Sit back, relax and enjoy all 21 games from the comfort of your couch with this SNES mini wireless controller.

Same button configuration as the original SNES controller
Built-in Rechargeable 180mAh Lithium Ion battery
Upgradeable firmware
USB connection for Windows, macOS, Raspberry Pi, Android and more
Charging Time: approx. 2 hrs / Gameplay time: approx. 25 hrs

Package contents:
1x SF30 Controller
1 x 2.4G wireless receiver
1 x USB charging cable

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