Duo Wet & Dry LED, OLED Touch Screen Wipes

  • £2.14

Touch Screen Cleaning Wipes

Ensure that your console screen is always pristine with this fantastic value pack of 10 Duo Wet & Dry LED, OLED Touch Screen Wipes. Handy pocket sized wipes can go with you anywhere so are perfect for use in the home or out & about to ensure that your screen is always smudge free clean.

Helps remove dust, fingerprints and smudges from your LCD, LED or OLED screen.
Soft and clean, will not scratch the surface of screen.
Lightweight, independentantly packaged, convenient to carry.
To properly clean screen, first use the wet wipe followed by dry wipe.

Wet wipes -containing professional cleaning fluid, and high hydroscopic property

Dry wipes -The product can be used for tempered glass screen protector,protective film,LCD, LED or OLED screen and so on.

Package includes:
Wet wipes
Dry wipes

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