Electric Blue / Violet Colour Shifting Custom Painted Original Nintendo Gameboy Color Shell

  • £14.99

Colour Shifting Blue Violet Gameboy Color Shell & Buttons

This is an original Nintendo GBC shell, thoroughly refurbished and given a beautiful colourful facelift that changes as you see it from different angles then completed with a smooth satin finish. With aftermarket buttons, pads and lens but add your own choice of colourful accent buttons for a stylised look.

Original shell with a custom painted finish
All parts you need to update your CGB-001 console
Satin varnish - acrylic resin topcoat for a durable finish
Tools required but not included: tri-wing screwdriver / philips screwdriver

Package contents:
1 x Colour shifting Shell with battery cover and battery spring contacts
1 x Black plastic screen lens
D-pad + A / B Buttons with conductive rubber pads
Power switch
IR port cover
Casing screws & board screws

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