Grey Coloured Plastic Screen Lens for Gameboy Pocket Console

  • £3.49

Grey Game Boy Pocket Screen Lens

Replacement GameBoy Pocket screen plastic lens for Nintendo Original MGB-001 (Game Boy). Easily replace your old scratched Game Boy Pocket screen and swap in this new grey coloured plastic lens for a fresh and better looking console. Don't let scratches spoil important gaming moments.

Material: Plastic
Colour: Grey
Compatible: Nintendo Gameboy Console Pocket.

Package contents:
1x Game Boy Pocket screen replacement plastic lens (sent without retail package)

*please note photo shown is actual item and still has protective film on.

How to install Game Boy Screen:
In order to fit, you need to (carefully) prise off the original screen, using a thin flat tool, Clean out any dust and debris that may have collected beneath the screen, and stick this self adhesive screen in place. Peel off the thin protective top layer that covers it.

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