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Multimedia Lens Cleaner Disc - PS3, Etc

  • £3.49

Gaming Lens Cleaner

Don't panic if your video game console just stops reading discs, sometimes they just need a little TLC. This Lens cleaner disc has a little brush on the bottom that lovingly sweeps dirt and dust from your console lens, letting it read your epic game discs again. With the added advantage of listening to 20-30 seconds of tranquil music while it works.
Track 12 is the one to use for games consoles like your old retro PS2 and it's just as happy cleaning your PS4 lens too.

Compatible with:
CD, DVD & Bluray players
as well as most disc games consoles including:
Dreamcast & Sega Saturn,
PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Dreamcast,
Xbox, Xbox 360 & Xbox One

Package contents:
1 x Multimedia Lens Cleaner

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