Multipurpose Cleaning Gel with Microfiber Cloth Travel Kit

  • £3.15

Video Game Console Cleaning Kit

Keep your Nintendo Switch console clean from finger prints, smudges and dust on your travels with this handy multipurpose cleaning gel, use it with the microfiber cloth and keep it in the little plastic pouch, a great travel Kit for handheld consoles.

Safely remove fingerprints, dust and smudges from your Nintendo Switch screen and casing.
Alcohol free cleaning gel with microfiber cloth is ideal for digital screens.
Travel pack gel is no drip, non streak
Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PS Vita, 3DS, DS, PSP & most devices.

Package contents:
1 x plastic carry pouch
1 x 20ml cleaning gel bottle
1 x 17.5cm x 15cm microfiber cloth.

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