Newlink Gaming Headset Laptop USB Stereo Audio Adapter

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Gaming Headset Laptop USB Stereo 7.1 Audio Adapter

Enjoy playing your favourite PC games with the audio quality you deserve when you want to use your best gaming headset on your laptop. The gaming headset laptop USB audio adapter allows connection of a microphone and speakers to a computer, by using USB Hot-swap technology. It can be used on desktop or notebook computers. Capable of 3D stereo sound if used with 3rd party software.

7.1 channel sound
Plug and play
Volume control buttons
Mute function for mic & speakers

Interface: USB 1.1 type A plug
Support 3D Stereo sound
1x 3.5m for headphones or speakers
1x 3.5m for microphone (2 channel mono)
Compliant with USB 2.0 full speed
Compliant with USB audio device classification 1.0
Function keys : Volume, Speaker and MIC mute
LED status
Supports Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Linux and Mac OS

Package contents:
USB Stereo Audio Adapter

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