Nintendo 64: Replacement N64 Controller Game Control Pad

  • £10.99

Nintendo 64 Game Controller

Loose joystick or faulty fire button, or just looking for an extra pad for multiplayer? Then these N64 controllers are the perfect addition to your retro collection. With the same buttons, design and ergonomics of the original N64 pad these are a must have for any Nintendo 64 player.
Our replacement N64 controllers are available in classic grey, cherry red or Goldeneye Gold.

Attain new levels of accuracy and play-control with the ergonomically designed Controller.
Featuring 9 function buttons and precise 3D analogue Control Stick
1.8m long cable
Great replacement for a broken or missing N64 controller

Relive the N64 days through the replacement Classic Controller. Modeled after the original design, the controller features including Left and Right shoulder functions and Z-trigger. Get precise action commands with the analog control stick, while enjoying the classic game feel with the legendary D-Pad. Works exactly the same as the original for Nintendo N64 controller Precise 3D - Analog Stick An analog control stick commands your action with precision, while the legendary D-pad offers a classic gaming feel and with a 1.8m length cable.

Package contents:
1 x N64 Controller

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