Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite MicroSD Memory Card

  • £5.99

UHS-1 Memory Card for Nintendo Switch & Switch Lite

Increasing the potential of your Nintendo Switch console with a micro SD card to expand your storage space. More storage space means more games you can have installed at any one time and more games, of course, means more fun! Available in 32GB 128GB card sizes.

Class 10 for full HD gameplay
UHS-I speeds of 80MB/s read and 10MB/s write
Tested on Nintendo Switch & faster than game cartridges
This durable card has been tested to be waterproof,temperature proof, shock/vibration proof and X-ray proof. So your games files will be protected in harsh environments.
Ideal for Nintendo Switch & compatible with Raspberry Pi / Retropie

Type: microSDHC card
Performance: 80MB/s read, Class 10, UHS-I: 10MB/s minimum data transfer
Operating Temperature: -25c to 85c
Storage Temperature: -40c to 85c
Voltage: 3.3V

Package contents:
1 x Nintendo Switch Memory Card (not an official Nintendo product)

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