Sega Mega Drive 2 (II) Scart AV Cable

  • £5.99

Mega Drive 2 Scart Lead

3rd Party Sega MegaDrive 2 scart cable brilliantly replaces the original Sega RF lead and brings improved graphics and sound.
With a flexible screened wire of approx. 1.8m & moulded Sega video port plug with strain relief to a 21 pin euro scart plug carrying stereo audio. The cable features a composite video & stereo audio out connection via standard 21 pin euro scart plug suitable for most TV sets. Note: Not Compatible with: Mega Drive 1 or Master System consoles.

1.8m flexible screened cable to minimise interference
Scart cable for the Megadrive II (2), (not Master System or Mega Drive 1)
Stereo audio RGB scart lead

Package contents:
1 x Sega Mega Drive 2 scart cable

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