1080i HD PS3 Component AV Cable (PS2 / Playstation 3)

  • £4.99

Play your PS2 or PS3 in high definition with this PS3 component AV cable which delivers up to 1080i HD graphics with stereo sound. This component cable can connect your for PS3 or PS2 to most LED/LCD HDTV providing stunning video and sound for your sony games console. Thick and flexible plastic cable with 5x RCA outputs including high-definition Component(Y, Pr, Pb) video output of 1080i. (red) R-Audio-L (white) for audio output.


Supports 2-channel stereo audio
High definition video output
Compatible with Playstation 2 and Playstation 3
Cable Length 1.8m
Clear, sharp graphics and text; supports Progressive Scan

Package contents:
1 x PS3 component AV cable

*Please note before using the component cable, you need to change the video output settings on your PS2.
Start the PS2,then select System Configuration.
In System Configuration, scroll down until you reach Component Video out, change this from RGB to Y Cb/Pb Cr Pr press X enter to make this change then O for back to main menu.

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