Super Famicom Design Replacement Shell Kit for Nintendo Gameboy Advance

  • £8.99

Super Famicom Gameboy Advance Shell & Buttons

Our Gameboy Advance shell kit includes all parts you need to give your old GBA a facelift except the rubber contacts you'll need to keep from your original, and it's ready for you to drop in your motherboard and screen.

Same look and feel as the original shell
All parts you need to reshell your AGB-001 console
Ideal for updating your Gameboy to a cool new look.
Tools required but not included: tri-wing screwdriver / philips screwdriver

Package contents:
1 x Grey Shell with battery cover and battery spring contacts
1 x Super Famicom plastic screen lens
D-pad + A / B Buttons (does not include rubber contacts or start / select buttons)
Power switch
L + R triggers plus side panels
Casing screws & board screws

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